Surety bonds

Our service is aimed to satisfy the needs, and support the development of our clients with objectives that transcend what the local market offers, both in demand for coverage and in supply from insurance companies.
We help to obtain the support that facilitates the activity of companies in Foreign Trade operations (Customs Guarantees).

In the same way, we provide the necessary support for the solution of requirements for securing public and private contracts, for the execution of all types of works and supplies (Contractual Guarantees).

Insurance parties:

Unlike general insurance in which the insured and insurer participate, a third element, is incorporated in this insurance:
  • Insured or Client: It is the beneficiary of the insurance.
  • Insurer or Company: is the entity issuing the insurance; guarantees to the insured the fulfillment of the obligation contracted by the proposer.
  • Proponent or Taker: He is responsible for the fulfillment of the obligation: the one that signs the agreement with the insurer so that it issues the respective policy.

Characteristics and benefits

Through this insurance, clients can access a series of benefits such as:
  • Agility on the Caution insurance operation allowing to provide, a superior response capacity.
  • This insurance does not affect the creditworthiness or the patrimony of the policyholder.
  • The cost of the caution insurance is significantly lower than that of other alternative products on the market.


Contractual guarantees

They derive from public and private work or supply contracts. Among them are:

Contract execution



Security of Tenure

Substitution of Reparation Fund

Concession Guarantee

Customs guarantees

They derive from foreign trade operations.

Land transit

Temporary import and export

Consignment shipments

Differences in rights

Lack of documentation

Enabling tax warehouse

Global policies

Other types of guarantees

Judicial Guarantees

Activity or Profession Guarantees

Rental Guarantees (Commercial or Family)

Guarantees Abroad (Frontings)

Guarantees for Directors and Managers

Our services

– Personalized advice.
– Pre-qualification of clients in minimum times, without cost.
– Decentralized delivery of policies in real-time.
– Solutions-oriented to different types of companies: Contractors, Importers, SMEs, Service Providers.
– Fronting Service: issuance of guarantees in Latin America and the rest of the world.
– Our dynamism and professionalism allow us to obtain the best market conditions (cost and service).

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